Hebrew Phrases

A Comprehensive Compilation of Transliterated Hebrew Phrases with English Translation

Hebrew Transliterated Phrase English Translation
Abba (Aba) Father
Acharei Aruchat Hatzohorayim After Lunch
Acharei Hatzohorayim In the Afternoon
Achat One
Acheret Otherwise
Achi My Brother
Achichem Your Brother
Achiv His Brother
Achinu Our Brother
Achoti My Sister
Achotichem Your Sister
Achotenu Our Sister
Achot Tze'irah Younger Sister
Ach Tza'ir Younger Brother
Adat HaE-L Chai Community of the Living G-d
Adat HaShem Congregation of HaShem
Ad HaErev Until this Evening (response upon departing
Ad Machar Until Tomorrow (response upon departing)
Ad Me'ah Ve'Esrim Shanah! May You Live to be 120!
Adon HaShamayim veEretz Master of Heaven and Earth
Adon Olam Master of the Universe
Af Al Pe Chain Despite That it is So; In Spite of it All
A"H - Acronym for Alav HaShalom (masc.); Aleha HaShalom (fem.) May Peace be upon Him / Her
Ahavah Love
Ahavah Olam Everlasting Love or Eternal Love
Ahavat HaEmet Love of the Truth
Ahavat Chesed Love of Kindness
Ahavat Yisrael Loving Your Fellow Jew
Ain Davar K'Zeh There is No Such Thing; Drop it, it Doesn't Exist
Ain Mazel b'Yisrael The People of Yisrael Transcend Astrological Influences
Al Lo Devar You're Welcome
Al Tedag Don't Worry
Alav HaShalom May Peace be Upon Him
Amarta Amarta You Said, You Said; You Said it, So it's Good Enough for Me
Am Kadshecha People of Your Holiness
Am Yisrael The People of Israel (All Jews)
Anachnu We
Anglit English
Ani I
Ani Chai I Live
Ani Etkasher Ele'cha I'll Call You
Ani Koreh Ivrit, Aval Lo Medaber (masc.) I Read Hebrew but do not Speak
Ani Koreh VeKotev, Aval Lo Medaber (fem.) I Read Hebrew but do not Speak
Ani LeDodi ve Dodi Li I am My Beloved's and My Beloved is Mine
Ani Lo Mevin (masc.) Ani Lo Mevinah (fem.) I Do Not Understand
Ani Lo Mevin Otcha (masc.) Ani Lo Mevin Otach (fem.) I Don't Understand You
Ani Lo Yode'a (masc.) Ani Lo Yoda'at (fem.) I Don't Know
Ani Medaber Ivrit (masc.) Ani Medaberet Ivrit (fem.) I Speak Hebrew
Ani Mitzta'er (masc.) Ani Mitzta'eret (fem.) I'm Sorry
Ani Ohev Otach (masc.) Ani Ohevet Otcha (fem.) I love You
Ani Tzarich Lalechet Achshav I Must Go Now
Ani veAtah Neshane et HaOlam! You and I will Change the World!
Ani Yode'a (masc.) Ani Yoda'at (fem.) I Know
Ani Yode'a Ivrit (masc.) Ani Yoda'at Ivrit (fem.) I Know Hebrew
Ani Yode'a Milim Achadot (masc.) I Know a Few Words (of Hebrew)
Ani Yoda'at Rak Milim Achadot (fem.) I Know Only A Few Words (of Hebrew)
Arba Four
Arba Pinot HaEretz The Four Corners of the Earth
Arbaim Yom veArbaim Lailah Forty Days and Forty Nights
Aruchat Boker Breakfast
Aruchat Erev Dinner
Aruchat Tzohorayim Lunch
Asir Todah (masc.) Asirat Todah (fem.) Every So Grateful
Atah (masc. sing.) At (fem. sing.) You
Atah beChartanu You Have Chosen Us
Atah Lo Mevin (masc.) At Lo Mevina' (fem.) You Don't Understand
Atah Lo Tzodek (masc.) Ata Lo Tzodeket (fem.) You are Wrong
Atah Medaber Ivrit? (masc.) At Medaberet Ivrit? (fem.) Do You Speak Hebrew?  Responses:
Me'at - A Little
Ken, Me'At - Yes, a Little
Me'at Me'od - Very Little
Rak Me'at - Just a Little
Lo, Ani Lo Medaber (masc.) - No, I do not Speak
Atah Mevine? (masc.) At Mevina'? (fem.) Do You Understand?
Atah Mevin Ivrit? (masc.) At Mevinah et Hamilim (fem.) Do You Understand Hebrew?; Do You Understand the Words?  Response:
Ken, Ani Mevinah et Hamilim (fem.) - Yes, I understand the words;
Ani Mevin et Hamilim, Aval lo et Hamishpat (masc.) - I understand the words, but not the sentence;
Ani Mevin, Aval lo Medaber (masc.) - I understand but do not speak
Atah Tzodek (masc.) At Tzodeket (fem.) You Are Right
Atar Chev'rati Social Networking Site
Atem (masc. plural) Aten (fem. plural) You
At'letikah Kala Track and Field
Av HaRachaman Merciful Father
Av HaRoeh beSeter Father Who Sees in Secret
Avi My Father
Avichem Your Father
Avi Chol Father of All
Avinu Our Father
Avinu Malkeinu Our Father, Our King
Avoda, Misra Work, Job
Avoteinu Our Fathers
Avraham Avinu Avraham Our Father
Av SheBaShamayim Father in Heaven
Avinu SheBaShamayim Our Father in Heaven
Az Mah? So What?
Azov Oti Leave Me (Alone)
Azoi? Really?
Azru Li! Help Me!
Baal HaKerem Master of the Vineyard
Baal Bayit Master of the House
Baal Midot ToVot (masc.) Baalat MiDot ToVot Master of Good Attributes; A Person of Good Character
Baal Nefesh Religious Jew
Baali My Husband
BaBoker In the Morning
Bachur (masc.) Bachurah (fem.) Young Man; Young Woman
Ba Li I Felt / Feel Like it
Balnes Miracle Worker
Balshem Faith Healer; Performer of Miracles
BaMidbar In the Wilderness
Barchot veTefillot Blessings and Prayers
Barei Lev Pure in Heart
Bari veShalem Safe and Sound
Bar Mitzvah (masc.) Bat Mitzvah (fem.) Son / Daughter of the Commandment
Baruch HaBah! (pl. Bruchim haBaim) Welcome!
Baruch HaBah B'Shem Ad-nai Blessed is the Name of YKVK
Baruch HaShem Thank G-d
Baruch Hu veBaruch Shmo Blessed be He and Blessed be His Name
Baruch sheAmar Blessed be He Who Spoke
Baruch Shem Kivod LeOlam Va'ed Blessed be His Glorious Majesty Forever and Ever
Baruch Shem Kivod Malchuto LeOlam Va'ed Blessed be His Glorious Name Whose Kingdom is Forever and Ever
Baruch Shemah Blessed be the Name
Bat Daughter
Bat Tziyon Daughter of Zion
Batu'ach? Are You Sure?
B'Ahavah With Love
BS"D (Aramaic - B'Siyata D'Shamaya) With the Help of Heaven / G-d
Bechayecha! (masc.) Bechayech! (fem.) On Your Life!; Really? Oh Sure!
Bechayai! Really! Sure!
Bechol'zot Nevertheless
Be'einei HaShem In the Eyes of HaShem
B'Ezrat HaShem (BE"H) With G-d's Help
Behatzlacha Good Luck!; All the Best!
Bekarov Soon
Bekarov Etzlech Soon So Shall It Be By You (reponse to someone wishing you a Mazel Tov)
B'li Ayin Hara Without an Evil Eye
Bemeshech HaYom During the Day
Ben Son
Benat HaLev An Understanding of the Heart
Beratzon With Pleasure
Bereishit In the Beginning
Berishonah In the First Place
B'Seder All Right
Besha'a Zu At the Present Time
B'Simcha Tamid Happy Aways
Be'tach! Sure!
B'teavon With Appetite; equivalent to "bon appetit!"
BeTodah Me-Rosh Thank You in Advance
Betulah Unmarried Woman
Bevakasha Please (or your welcome)
Bevakasha et Zeh This, Please
Bilui Naim Have a Good Time
Bitachon Turst (in G-d)
Bivracha In Blessing
Bobbeh (Yiddish) Grandmother
Bocher Bachelor; Unmarried Man; Young Man
Bri'at HaOlam Creation of the World
Bli Safek Without a Doubt
Bimheirah b'Yameinu Speedily in our Days
Bo Hena! Bo Hena!  Come Here! Come here!
Boker Tov Good Morning
Boker Tov, HaShem Yevarech Otcha Good Morning, G-d Should Bless You
Bracha Prayer
Bracha veHazlaha Blessing and Much Success
Bruchim HaBa'im Blessed are Those Who Come (to you and your family; Welcome
Bubbee (Yiddish) Grandmother
Bul Stamp (on a letter)
Dan Lekaf Zechut To Judge on the Scale of Merit
Darkei Hatzniut Paths of Modesty
Dash Cham (al. Dahsh Chahm) Warm Regards
Derech Eretz Way of the Land
Derech HaShem Way of HaShem
Devar Elokim Word of G-d
Devir Holy of Holies
Divrei HaNevu'ah Words of Prophecy
Divrei Chibushim Words of Admonition
Do'ar Mahir Express Mail
Dodah Aunt
Dolar Amerikai American Dollar
Dra Chei Chah Show Me Your Ways
Drishat Shalom (D"SH; DASH) Regards; Kind Regards; Greetings (response upon departing
Drishat Shalom LaMishpacha Regards to the Family (response upon departing)
Drishat Shalom Le Give My Regards to...
Efes Zero
Efshar' Possible
Eich Omrim et Zeh Be' (Anglit) How Do You Say This in (English)?
Eich Ze? How is It?
Eifo? Where Is?
Eifo Atah Gar? Where Do You Live?
Eifo Ha'Sherutim? Where is the Bathroom?
Ei, Gut Great, Just Great!
Eilu? Which Ones?
Ein Be'ad Ma You're Welcome
Ein Ba'aya! Its Nothing!
Ein Be'ayot No Problems
Ein Brerah No Choice
Ein Li Klum (Ein li Shum Davar) I Don't Have Anything; I Have Nothing
Ein Somchin Al Haness Don't Rely on Miracles
Eizel Fool; Dope
Eize Sug? Which Type?
E-L Adon G-d is Master
Ela Mai What Then?; So What?; But What Happens?
E-L Emunah G-d of Faithfulness
Elokei My G-d
Elokeicha (Elokeichem) Your G-d
Elokeinu Our G-d
Elokim Yerachem G-d Will Have Mercy
Emanu Our Mother
Emdat Avoda Operating Post
Emet veYatziv True and Certain
Eretz Yisrael Land of Israel
Erev Tov Good Evening
Eser Ten
Eser Milion Ten Million
Eshtakad Last Year
Eyno Is Not
Galui Le-Ayin Perceptible to the Eye; Visible; Obvious; Noticeable; Detectable; Evident
Gam ZuLeTovah This is for the Good (best)
Gavra Rabbah A Great Man
Germanit German
Gesundheit (Yiddish) Literally "Health."  (a response when someone sneezes
Gisa Sister-in-Law
Gisha Le-Internet Internet Access
Glida Ice Cream
Goyish (masc.) Goyisha (fem.) Not Jewish
Gut Shabbes! (Yiddish) Good Sabbath!
Gut Yontev! (Yiddish) Good Holiday!
Gut Yontiff! (Yiddish) Good Holiday!
HaAv The Father
Hachamenu Zichronam Our Sages, May Their Memory be a Blessing
Hainu Hach It is the Same Thing
HaIvri The Hebrew
HaKash SheShavar et Gav HaGamal The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back
HaKodesh Baruch Hu Holy One, Blessed be He
Hakol All
Hakol Beseder? Is Everything OK?
Hakol Beseder B'Eli Haseder Everything is in Order Within the Chaos
HaKol Le Tova! Everything is for the Best!
Halach Im Go With
Halevei! (Halavai) Would that it Came True!
Hallelu et Ad-nai O Praise YKVK
HaMa'eiven Yavin Those Who Know Understand
Ha'omnam? Really?
Harbe Zman Lo Hitra'enu Long Time No See
HaRishon (Shel HaChodesh) The First (Day of the Month)
HaRosh Mistovev My Head is Spinning
Har'Beh A Lot; Many; Much
HaShem Yimloch LeOlam Va'ed YKVK Will Reign Forver and Ever
HaShem Yitbarach YKVK, May He be Blessed
HaShem Yaazor (I Hope That) G-d Shall Help
Hashgacha Pratis Divine Providence - Everything that happens to a Jew, everything he or she sees, hears, feels or learns happens for a special reason. there is no chance; there is no coincidence.
Hatzlacha Rabbah! Much Success! (as a greeting - Good Luck!)
Havarah Ashkenazit Ashkenazi Pronunciation of Hebrew - current in some Diaspora circles
Havarah Sefaradit Sephardi Pronunciation of Hebrew - current pronunciation in Israel
HaYakar (masc.) HaY'Karah (fem.) Dear; Beloved
Hayalim Kedoshim  Holy Soldiers
Haya Naim Me'od Its Been a Pleasure (greeting at departing)
HaYanayim Me'od Goodbye, I had a Delightful Time
Hechal Holy Place
Hem (masc.) Hen (fem.) They
Herim Yad Raise One's Hand
Hishtagata? (masc.) Hishtagat? (fem.) Have You Gone Mad?; Are You Nuts?; Have You Lost it?; Are You Crazy?
Histalek! Go Away!
Hiz'min S'chorah Order Goods
HK"M! HaShem Should Avenge his (her or their) blood
Hoda'ah Tekstit Text Message
Hotza'at Dibah Sending Forth of Slander; idiomatically, Publication of Slander / Libel
HY"D - Acronym for HaShem Yikom Damo (masc.); HaShem Yikom Dama (fem.) May HaShem Avenge His / Her blood - Martyred Jews or Jews killed by anti-Semites.
Ihulim Levaviim Best Wishes
Ichulim Greetings
Im Yirtzeh Elokim If it Pleases G-d
Im (Ima) Mother
Imi My Mother
Im Shachar At Dawn
Im Yirtze Hashem Bi Dir G-d Willing by You (A common response to a "mazal tov" greeting meaning "May G-d bless you with a joyous occasion too")
Ish Man
Isha Woman
Ishti My Wife
Iton Newspaper; Periodical
IY"H (al. iy"H) - Acronym for Yirtzah HaShem G-d Willing
Kacha Kacha So So
Kacha HaChayim That's Life; That's the Way it Goes
Kala Daugher-in-Law
Kamah Zeh O'leh? How Much Does This Cost?
Kar Li It is Cold to Me; I Feel Cold
Karon Misa'da Dining Car
Karov Rachok A Distant Relative
Kar'tis Ash'ra'i Credit Card
Kazeh (masc.) Kazot (fem.) Like This
Kedushat Yisrael Sanctification of Israel; Holiness of Israel
Ke'ev Rosh Headache
Kein Eina Hara (al. Kennahara) No Evil Eye
Ken Yes
Ketivah veChasimah Tovah LeShanah Tovah Tikateivu May You Be Inscribed in the Book of Life for a Good Year
Kvetch Complain
Ki eshm'rah Shabbat El yishm'reni. Ot hi l'olmey ad beyno uveyni Just as I keep Shabbat, G-d will keep me. It is a symbol for all eternity between Him and me.
Klal Yisrael Community of Israel; All Israel; the entire Jewish People
Kolboynik Know it All
Kol HaKavod! All the Honor!; All The Respect; All Right!; Great!; Good Job!
Kol Tuv All the Best
Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Lazeh All Jews are Responsible for Each Other
Kotel Ma'aravi Western Wall
Ktzat Little; a Little
Chabdeihu Vechoshdeihu Take Him with a Grain of Salt
Chag Kasher veSame'ach Pesach! Happy & Kosher Passover Festival!
Chag Same'ach! Happy Festival!; Joyous Festival!; Happy Holidays!
Chag Urim Sameach May We be Enlightened
Chalomot Tovim Sweet Dreams
Chamesh Five
Cham Li It is Hot to Me; I Feel Hot
Chas veChalilah! G-d Beware!; G-d Forbid!
Chas veShalom! G-d Forbid!
Chaval Al Hazman Don't Waste Your Time; It is a Waste of Time
Chaver Shelach (masc.) ChaveraShelach (fem.) Your Friend
Chayei Olam Eternal Life
Charon af HaShem Wrath / Anger of HaShem
Chek Tayarim Travelers Check
Chele Kodesh Sacred Objects
Chochem Wise Man; A Wise Guy (slang)
Chodesh Tov A Good Month
Chodesh Tov uMevorach A Good and Blessed Month
Chom Guf Body Temperature
Chozer Bitshuvah A Jew Who has Become Religious
Chutzpah Audacity; Utter Nerve
La'azor To Help
Lachshov She To Think That...
Lachzor Habayita To Return Home
Ladredet Sheleg To Snow
Lailah Tov Goodnight
Lagur, Lehitgorer To Live, To Reside
Lakachat To Take
Lakachat Chelek To Take Part
Lakivun Hahu That Way
Lariv To Fight
Lashevet To Sit
Lashon Harah Evil Tongue; Forbidden Speach
Lasim To Put
Latet et HaKol Go All Out; Full On
Le'acher To Be Late
L'aMet To Bring Out the Truth; To Verify; To Confirm
Le'an AtahNose'a? Where Are You Going?
Le'asher To Comfirm
Lechaber To Attach
Lechapes To Search For
LeChayim! To Life!
Lechu Neranenah Come, Let us Sing
Ledave'ach To Report
Lehafsid To Lose Out; To Lose
Lehamir To Change (from a transaction)
Leharim Et HaKol To Raise or Lift One's Voice; To Shout
Lehatchil Belimudim To Start Lessons
Lehavin To Understand
Lehibachen To Test; To Take a Test
Lehirakev, Lehitkalkel To Get Rotten, To Go Bad
Lehisha'er Al Hakarka To be Grounded
Lehitkasot Kerach Ice Over
Lehitorer To Wake Up
Lehitra'ot See You Later; See You Again; See You Soon; So Long
Lehitya'etz Im Rofe To Consult a Doctor
Lehityaker To Go Up In Price
Lehitztanen Catch a Cold
Lehitra'ot BaErev I'll See You in the Evening (response upon departing)
Lehosif To Add
Lelakek Et Ha'etzba'ot! Finger Licking Good!
Lemale To Fill Out
Lenatze'ach, Lizkot Attain, To Win
Lesames To Text
Leshahek To Hiccup
LeShaim Shamayim For the Sake of Heaven
LeShalom veDa'at For Peace and Knowledge
LeShanah Tovah For a Good Year
LeShanah Tovah Tikateivu May You be Written Down for a Good Year
LeShanah Tovah Tikatev Vetihatem May You be Inscribed and Sealed for a Good Year (response: GamAtah "Same to You")
LeShanah TovahTiktavi Tetichtami (fem.) May You be Inscribed and Sealed for a Good Year
LeTov uLeChayim uLeShalom For Good, and for Life, and for Shalom
Levaker Krovey Mishpacha To Visit Relatives
Lichora As it Appears; Apparently; On the Face of it
Lichroa To Squat
Lidchof To Push
Lifgosh To Meet
Lifnei Shnatayim The Year Before Last
Lihiyot Ba'al Dea To Have an Opinion
Lihiyot Male To be Full
Likfotz To Jump
Limroach Krem To Apply (a cream)
Limtoach To Stretch
Linchot To Land
Liskhor To Rent
Lischot To Swim
Litfor To Sew
Litzboa To Paint
Livkot To Cry (tears)
Lizkor To Remember
Lo No; Not
Lo Adkani Out of Date
Lo Ba Li I Don't Feel Like it
Lo Bediyuk Not Exactly
Lo B'Shamayim Hi The Torah is Not in Heaven
Lo BeshiMush Not in Use; Not Working
Lo Kol Kach' Lo Kol Kach Not So Good; Not So Much
Lo Ra Not Bad
Lo Yitachen It is Not Possible
Lu'ach Blackboard
Ma? Huh?
Macher A Big Shot; Man with Contacts
Mach'leket Nosim Economy Class
Mach'shev Nayad Laptop
Madaf S'farim Bookshelf
Magiyah Lo To Him it Should be Received; He Deserves it
Maher' Quickly
Mah Atah O'mer? What are You Saying?
Mah Hainyaim? What's the News?
Mah Hasha'ah? What Time is it?
Mah Hashem Shelcha? What's Your Name? (response: Hashem sheli "My name is _____ )
Mah Lecha? What's it to You?
Mah Nishmah? What is Heard?; What's New? (response: Lo Kelum "Nothing"
Mah She-BaTuach, BaTuach What is Certain is Certain
Mah Shlomecha? (masc.) Mah Shlomech? (fem.) How are You? (responses: uMah Shlomecha / Shlomech? or v'Atah? "and How are You?;
Tov Me'od, Todah "Very Well, Thanks";
Tov Todah "Fine / Good, Thanks";
BeSeder, B"H "Fine, Baruch HaShem"
Mah Shlom'chem? (masc. plural) Mah Shlom'chen? (fem. plural) How are You?
Ma Shim'cha? What's your Name?
Mah Tovu Ohalecha How Goodly are Your Tents
Mah Yesh? What Do You Have?; What's the Matter?; What's the Problem?
Mah Zeh? What is This?
Malkut HaShamayim The Kingdom of Heaven; The Kingdom of G-d
Marat Married Woman; Mrs.
Maslul Beinleumi International Route
Matayim Two Hundred
Mazel uBracha! (Yiddish - Mazel und Brucha) Blessings and Congratulations!
Mazel Tov! Congratulations!
Me'ah Achuz For Sure; 100% Certain
Me'at A Little
Mechiah A Great Feeling; Relief
Meh Chadash? What's New? (response: Ein Chadash "Nothing's New"
Mench A Nice Gentleman; Good Person; Good Jew
Meshuga Crazy
Metzuyan! Perfect!
Meyabesh Se'ar Hair Dryer
Meytav Halchulim! Best Wishes!
MiDei Pa'Am From Time to Time
Mitzta'er I'm Sorry
Mivta Ashkenazi Ashkenazi Acent
Mivta Sefardi Sephardic Accent
Mivta Yisraeli Israeli Accent
Mo'adim LeSimcha! (Sefardic) Happy Holiday / Festival; Times for Joy; Seasons of Joy
Moadim L'Simcha L'Geula Shleima Happy Holiday in the Anticipation of a Complete Redemption
Moshiah Olam Savior of the World
Motza'ei Shabbat Saturday Evening; Night after Shabbat
Musikat Rok Rock Music
Naim Me'od It's a Pleasure; Pleased to Meet You (greeting at meeting)
Nasi Chevra President (of a company)
Nehedar, Yo'fi Wonderful, Great
Neshomeleh Sweet Soul; Sweetheart; Darling
Nesia Tovah Have a Good Trip
Neyar Devek Scotch Tape
Neyar Tu'alet Toilet Paper
Niftar (masc.) Nifterah (fem.) Died; Passed Away
Nishtu Gedacht! May We be Saved From it (sad event); It Shouldn't Happen!; G-d Forbid!
Niyar Tishu Tissue Paper
Nod Nafuach A Complete Nothing; A Bag of Wind
Nohal Takin Correct Procedure
Nolad (masc.) Noldah (fem.) Born
Nu? (Yiddish) So?; Well?
Nu Tzadakti? Well, Was I Right?
Ochel Yapani Japanese Food
Ofano'a Motorcycle
Onesh Olam Eternal Purnishment
Or Adom Red Light
Oseh Shamayim veEretz Maker of Heaven and Earth
Oy / Oi Denotes Disgust, Pain, Astonishment or Rapture
Oy Va'avoi Li! Oh My G-d!
Oy Vai Lz Mir! Woe is Me!
Ozer Yisrael biGvurah Who Girds Israel with Strength
Ozer Yisrael b'Tif'arah Who Crowns Israel with Splendor
Pach Ash'pah Garbage Pail
Pachot O Yoter Not Far Off; Approximately
Panah Be-Pinah Turn a Corner
Pasey Rakevet Train Track
Pelefon Search For
Po Nikbar; Po Nitman Here Lies (abbrevation at top of most Jewish tombstones)
Proster Oilem Common People
Rachmana Litzlon! Heaven Forbid!
Rah Me'od Very Bad
Rakevet Mekomit Local Train
Rasheh Mean; Evil Person
Rav Todah! Many Thanks!
Rebiniu Term of Endearment for a Rabbi
Refuah Shleimah! (May You Have) a Complete Recovery!
Regah One Moment
Rishayon Nehiga Driver's License
Rofeh HaCholim Healer of the Sick
Rosh Chodesh First of the Month
Sa'arah B'Kos Mayim Making a Big Deal Out of Nothing
Saba Old Granddad
Sandakit Godmother
Sarah Emanu Sarah Our Mother
Savlanut! Patience!
Savta Grandmother
Se'ar Blondini Blonde Hair
Se'ar Shachor Black Hair
Selicha Pardon
Selach Li Excuse Me
Sfaradit Spanish
Sicha Mekomit Local Phone Call (within the city)
Sinit Chinese
Sha'alu Shalom Yerushalayim Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
Sha'ar Gate; Ticket Gate
Sha'arei Tziyon Gates of Zion
Shabbat Goy (Shabbes Goi - Yiddish) A Non-Jew Doing Work for Jews on the Sabbath
Shabbat Shalom Lekulam Good Sabbath to Everyone
Shabbat Shalom uMevorach A Peaceful and Blessed Sabbath
Shabbat Shalom veShavua Tov! A Peaceful Shabbat and a Good Week!
Shalom Peace; Hello; Goodbye
Shalom uv'racha Peace and Blessing
Shalom uv'racha leYisrael Peace and Blessing to Israel
Shalosh Three
Shanah (Shanim, pl.) Year (Years)
Shanah Tovah! Happy New Year!
Sha'on Me'orer Alarm Clock
Shavua Tov (Yiddish "Gut Vach") Good Week
Sheka Power Socket
Sheket! Quiet
Shkoyach! Way to Go!
Sherut Hashkama Wake Up Service
Shlimazel Luckless Person; Incompetent Person; One Who has Perpetual Bad Luck
Shlomi' Tov I'm Fine
Shmi My Name is
Shmoneh Eight
Shesh Six
Shta'yim Two
Sheva Seven
Shomrei Mitzvot Keeper of the Commandments; the Orthodox; Observant Jews; Abiding by all rules and regulations.
Shul'chan Mit'bach Kitchen Table
Ta'amin Li! Believe (to) Me; (Just) Believe Me!
Tarshe Li Allow Me
Tateleh Little Darling
Tehe Nishmatah Tzerurah Bitzror HaChayim May Her Soul be Bound in the Bond of Eternal Life
Tei-yerinkeh Sweetheart; Dearest
Tesha Nine
Tihye Ba'ri Be Healthy
Timseri La Dash Mimeni Send Her My Regards
Timsor Lo Dash Transfer Regards to Him
Timsor Lo Dash Mimeni Send Him My Regards
Tishlach Lo Dash Mimeni Send Him My Regards
Tismoch Alai You Can Rely on Me
Titkasher' Elai! Call Me!
Titchadesh (masc.); Titchadshi (fem) You Shall be Renewed
Tochnit Av Plan of the Father; Master Plan
Todah Thank You
Todah LaE-L! Thank G-d!
Todah Lailah Tov Thanks, Goodnight
Todah Rabbah Thank You Very Much
Todah veShalom Thank You and Goodbye
Tov Me'od Todah Very Well, Thanks
Tov Todah Ok, Thank You
Tuchal La'azor Li? Can You Help Me?
Tut Mir Hano'eh It Gives Me Pleasure (can also be meant sarcastically)
Tzad Mizrachi East Side
Tzaharaim Tovim Good Afternoon (response upon departing)
Tzarfatit French
Tzar Li I'm Sorry
Tzetech leShalom veShuvech leShalom (masc.) Go in Peace and Return in Peace
Tzetcha leShalom veShuvcha leShalom (fem.) Go in Peace and Return in Peace
Tzimchoni Vegetarian
Tzipor Ktana Small Bird
Tzom Kal May You Have an Easy Fast
Ulai' Perhaps
Umot HaOlam Nations of the World
Vadai, beVadai! Of Course!
VeYitten Lecha (May G-d) Grant You
Ya'aleh veYavo May it Ascend and Arrive
Yachas Enoshi Benevolence; Thoughtfulness
Yasher Koach! May Your Strength be Firm!; May You Have Strength!
Yatziv Patgam True is the Word
Yefeyfe Beautiful
Yehi Ratzon May it be Your Will
Yehiyeh Asher Yehiyeh What Will be Will be; Come What May
Yereim uShleimim Totally Observant
Yerushalayim Shelanu Our Jerusalem
YESHA (acronym) Yehudah (territories of Judea) Shomrom (territories of Samaria) Azza (territories of Gaza)
Yetzer Harah Evil Inclination
Yetzuyat Cherum Emergency Exit
Yihyeh BeSeder It Will be in Order; Everything Will be Ok; It Will all Work Out
Yirat Shamayim Fear of Heaven
Yirei Hashem Those Who Fear Hashem
Yishar Koach Straight Power; With Strength; Good for You; Way to Go; More Power to You - said when someone has accomplished something.  Proper response to this phrase is: Baruch Teheyeh (masc.); Brucha Tiheyi(fem.) - You Shall Be Blessed.
Yitachen It is Possible
Yom; Yamim Day; Days
Yomayim Two Days
Yom HaShabbat The Day of Sabbath; The Sabbath Day
Yom Huledet Birthday
Yom Huledet Same'ach! Happy Birthday!
Yom Meunan Cloudy Day
Yom Tov A good Day (applied to the Festivals)
Yorei HaShem Fearer of HaShem
Yoshev Al Hagader Straddling the Fence
Yoshev Al Sir HaBasar (He is) Living the Good Life
Yoter More
Zaide (Yiddish) Grandfather
Zakain (masc.) Zekainah (fem.) Old
Zakan Beard
Zechrono L'Vracha May His Memory Be For Blessing
Zechut Avot Merit of the Fathers
Zeh Chashuv Its Important
Zeh HaKol That's it
Zeh Klum! It's Nothing!
Zeh Lo Meshane It Doesn't Matter
Zeh Mah Sheyesh This is What There is; There is No More
Zeh Mean'yen It's Interesting
Zeh Mesukan It's Dangerous
Zei Mir Gezunt! Be Well!
ZK"L - Acronym for Zecher Kadosh Livracha May the Memory of the Saintly be for Blessing; for a saintly martyr (including those murdered by enemies of the Jews)
Zmanim Moderni'im Modern Times
Z"L - Acronym for Zichrono Livracha, masc.; Zichronah Livracha, fem. Of Blessed Memory; or May His/Her Memory be for Blessing (for a non-rabbinical figure)
Ziknei HaAm Elders of the People
Zot Omeret In Other Words
ZT"L / ZTz"L - Acronym for Zecher Tzaddik Livracha May the Memory of the Righteous be for Blessing

Mitpachat Tichel Israeli ScarvesHeadcoverings by Devorah

Amharic and Hebrew Alphabet - AlephBet
Amharic Alphabet - 33rd Degree
HEBREW HIEROGLYPHICS: Hebrew Characters Derived From The Hieroglyphics by Mr. John Lamb
HEBREW HIEROGLYPHICS: Hebrew Characters Derived From The Hieroglyphics by Mr. John Lamb