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Selamta ina Tena Yistilign Wendimoche!
Greetings & May Peace be Given to You My Bredren!

Thank you for your interest in the Lion Of Judah RasTafari Prisoners Ministry. We are grateful you are here and hope you find our Site both informative and inspiring. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about the LOJ and our focus for the foreseeable future. Yah Willing!

Let’s begin with LOJ’s approach with legal matters and the “system” we are often asked to address. Religious Accommodation Requests, Hair and or Beard Exemption Requests, Head Covering/Wearing of Caps (Tams) Request, Special Diet (Meals) Request, Vaccination/Immunization Exemption Letters, Community Service Letters. LOJ Society of His Imperial Majesty is not a political organization nor are we political activists. We have no direct involvement with prison reform of any kind from a secular worldview. LOJ is not a “legal counseling” service but rather a "spiritual counseling" outreach ministry service. We do not get involved with any court proceedings, including appeals, sentence reduction, etc. Finally, we do not provide any re-entry services such as housing, job placement, clothing, or things of that nature.

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