Chapter VI: Elijah & The Holy Name; Haile Selassie I KabbalahChapter VI: ELIJAH & THE HOLY NAME by the late Mr. Michael Murphy; Additional Revised Amharic Bible notes & selected Ethiopic Kabbalah Commentary by the publisher & editor: Ras Iadonis Tafari. THIS VOLUME ALSO CONTAINING few previously unpublished excerpts and selected study notes from the publisher’s draft manuscript of a forthcoming volume entitled, “The New Name: RAS TAFARI, As Found & Recovered in the Masoretic Hebrew Text of the Holy Bible.”

The Remnant in our time will be able to reconcile the teachings of all the ancients to our present beliefs, and most of all to our very urgent needs. Theirs will be a ministry of restoration. This Remnant will instruct us in the ways of the ancient mystics, and in the teachings of that group of Essenes who, as Peter said, spoke as the oracles of God . (1 Peter 4:11).

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Author: Mr. Michael Murphy
Pages: 92
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Chapter VI: Elijah & The Holy Name; Haile Selassie I Kabbalah