Divine Mathematics & Prophecy!
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Composed By Ras Iadonis TafariIdentity: Divine (Hebrew) Mathematics - A Short Lesson OneRequired course materials: Scofield Study Bible, H.I.M. Holy Bible, How To Make A Slave (W. Lynch), From Babylon To Timbuktu (Rudolphf Winsor), Valley Of The Dry Bones (Rudolphf Winsor), The Black Jews Of Harlem (Howard M. Brotz), The Real Facts About Ethiopia by JA Rodgers, Concise Amharic Dictionary (W. Leslau), The Roots Of Rastafari (V. Lee Jacobs), etc. [additional materials will be added as course continues]

Hosea 4. The Holy Bible: King James Version.
...and the prophet also shall fall with thee in the night, and I will destroy thy mother. 6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected...

When the Holy scriptures known as the "Holy Bible" says that "My people perish because of a lack of knowledge..." (Hose'A 4:6), it could only be speaking of so-called 'Afro-Americans' and 'West Indian' peoples in the North country called America.  For more than 400 years, before the infamous slavemaster Willie Lynch's How To Make A Slave! This slippery slope and downward trend of disobedience to Our God (or, King of Kings), denial/betrayal of the woolly-haired "black" Messiah (the Krstos), self-ignorance and continual lost of identity has cursed/plagued the so-called "Black race", especially in the western world.

But how does prophecy give us a valuable key in unlocking the mysteries of slavery and restore to us, by faith that works by love, our true divinity and true humanity?

Oreet ZeFiT'tet M'Iraf 15 Q'uT'r 13
Abraminim Alew:- Zerrih LeIrsu Balhonnech Midir Sidetenyoch Indeehonu Be'IrgiT' Iwweq; Bariyawoch Adirgewim Arat Meto Amet YasCh'enQw'achewal.

Book of Genesis (Torah Of The Creation) 15:13
And He (ELohim) Said To Abram, Know Of A Surety (For A Fact) That Thy Seed (Thy Race) Shall Be A Stranger (An Exile; A "Falasha") In A Land (The Americas And Caribbean) That Is Not Their's, And Shall Serve Them; And They Shall Afflict Them For Four Hundred (400) Years;

Divine Mathematics Is Not A "Chance" Science, It Is An Exact Science.  Science Means "Knowledge" From The Latin "Scientia".  Therefore, If We Examine The "Science" Of The Scriptures And Triangulate It With So-Called "History", Actually "Our Story" We Will Positively Discover, Or Uncover The Truth.... Accurate Knowledge Otherwise Called "Right Knowledge" Of Who We Are, Why We Are Here And How We Got Here....  Additionally, We Will Know How And When We Will "Come Out" Of Here..... Come Out Of Babylon!!!

Let's Take The Number "400" From The Number Of Years That The Word, The Holy Bible Says We Would Be "Strangers" Or "Sidetenyoch" Or "Fellashiym" (Exilist) In This "Land That Is Not (Ours)".  Remember, We Were Taught In "Their" Schools That Christopher Columbus "discovered" The Americas In "1492"!  Adding "400" (years) To That We Have "1892", The Exact Year When "Lidj Tafari" Also Called "The Son Of Man" Was Born "There" In Ethiopia (Psalms 87), The Biblical Land Of The "Garden Of Eden" (Genesis 2:13)....

Mezmure Dawit 87 Q4
Yemmiyawqunyin Re'Abinina Babeelonin Asbachewallehu;
Ineho, FilisT'Emawiyan T'eerosim Ye'Eetyop'yam H'izb,
Inezeeh Bezeeya Tewelledu

Psalms of David 87:4
I Will Make Mention Of Rahab (Egypt) And Babylon (Modern Iraq) To Them That Know Me: Behold (Look And See, Here It Is) Philistia (Palestine; Land Of Canaan), And Tyre, With ETHIOPIA; This Man Was Born There.

YeYohannis Ra'Iy M'Iraf 12 Q5
AH'izabinim Hullu Bebiret Betir Yigezzachew Zend Yallewin Lidj Wend Lij Welledech; Lijwam Wede IGZEE'ABHERina (YAHWEina) Wede Zufanu TeneTT'eq'e.

Revelations 12:5
And She (Holy Ethiopia) Brought Forth A Man-Child (The Son Of Man; LIDJ TAFARI), Who Was To Rule All Nations With A Rod Of Iron: And Her Child Was Caught Up To God (ELohim), And To His Throne.

Now Modern Day, "Mock Christianity" Teaches That This "Man-Child" Is The "Baby Jesus" Which Is Not True!  Nowhere In This Book Of "Revelations" Is That Revealed.  Rather, The Beginning Of The Above Quoted Chapter Says That There Was A "Woman", Symbolic Of A "Church" Or A "Nation" Had A "Crown" Which Is "Authority To Rule" With "12 Stars" Representing The "12 Tribes Of Israel" That Renewed The "Kingdom Of David (The Well-Beloved)" In Biblical Ethiopia After The Time Of King Solomon And The Queen Of Sheba.  King David Prophecied About This And King Solomon Also Bore Witness To This Fact.  This Is One Of The "Missing Links" In Many Hebrew-Israelite's Teaching That Is Otherwise Quite Accurate In Testifying To The So-Called "African-American", "West Indian" And "(Black) Hispanic" Connection To The Ancient "Bete IsraEL" (House Of IsraEL).  The "Black Jews" Of Harlem In The 1930s To The 1970s Knew This Truth.  Ask Them About Rabbi Matthews!  Ask Them Why They Have Forgotten The True Goodnews Of Our Ethiopian-Hebrew Israelite Ancestors? Not All Ethiopians Are Hebrews, But All True Hebrews Are Ethiopian.  (Amos 9:7)  When We Speak Of "Ethiopia, Our Divine Heritage" We Are Referring To That "Holy Ethiopia", The Ethiopia Of King Solomon's And The Queen Of Sheba, Queen Makeda's Only Son, Called "Ebn Hakim" (Son Of The Wise Man), "Dagmawi DAWIT" (David The Second) And Minyilik/ Menelik (Who Can Measure Him?).  The Kebre Negesht, The Queen Of Sheba And Her Only Son Minyilik, Gives More Details To The Biblical Account Of What Happen And How Prophecy Was Fulfilled Bringing Ethiopia Into The Holy Covenant With YAH And His Only Son, YEHOSHUWA HA-MOSHIYACH, Also Known As "Yeshuwa" And Called "Iyesus Kristos" In The Ancient Coptic And Sabean Languages.  These Ethiopians, Born "There", Are SEMITIC Peoples, Or Also Referred To As "Semo-Kamites"....

1) 2 Kings 19. The Holy Bible: King James Version.
...the remnant that is escaped of the house of Judah shall yet again take root downward, and bear fruit upward. 31 For out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant, and...

2) Isaiah 37. The Holy Bible: King James Version.
...And the remnant that is escaped of the house of Judah shall again take root downward, and bear fruit upward: 32 for out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant, and...

"Downward" from the land of Canaan, formerly known as the "Kingdom of IsraEL" is the Arabian desert and further is the highlands of Ethiopia, prophecied in many verses in scripture in connection with the regathering and restoration of the "Lost [Black] Sheep" of the House of IsraEL (Beyte IsraEL).  Look at any good "world map" and study the directions carefully for yourself and know the truth.  The "escaped" remnant of the tribe of Dan and Judah settled in the Highlands and other regions of Ethiopia becoming known by various 'native' names, such as the "Falasha" and the "Falashamora" tribes of the Danakil regions.Never Allow So-Called "Jews" (Who Are Not) To Call You "Anti-Semitic" Because That Is A Lie And A Blasphemy Or Insult To Our True Identity As A "Chosen People". The Only Way You Can Be An "Anti-Semite" Is If You Are An "Ethiopian-Hebrew" And Are Living In A State Of Denial About Your Identity, Prophecy, God And History.  If You Deny That The "Moshiyach" (The Messiah Called "Christos") Is A Woolly-Haired, Ethiopian (Black) Skinned Man, Then You Can Be An "Anti-Semite" (Self-Denier) And Liar Who Doesn't Know "Love", God Or Self In Truth.

Sheba, Seba, Saba And The Queen Of The South
King David Took A "Wife" Named "BathSheba" (Daughter Of The Oath' Daughter Of The Seven).  His Son, King Solomon's First And True Wife Was The "Queen Of The South" Or The "Queen Of Sheba". Is That A Coincidence?  Or, Another Testament To The Divine Prophecy And Therefore The True Reality, The Half Of The Story That Hasn't Been Properly Told?!

Therefore, Considering The Above: Was "BathSheba" A "Daughter Of The Sabeans" Or A Relative Of The "Queen Of The Sabeans (Sheba)"? Was There A "Divine Mystery" Unfolding? Is That Why The Pale "Jew" Who Infiltrated Judeo-Hebrew "Juda-ism" Denies This Fact And Hides It From The "Religious" And "Mock Christian" World? Does Racism And "Slavery" Have Anything To Do With This "Cover-Up"?  Like The So-Called "White-Washed" Images Of Yeshuwa (Je-sus) And His Mother, Holy "Black" Virgin Maryam (Mary), Is It Racist To Say That They Are "White" Or "European" (Canaanite) Type of People And Not "Ethiopian-Hebrews"?

400 Years Has Changed A Lot.  They Have Re-Written "History" And Made "Movies" And Many False Paintings And Pictures To Enforce The Lie, The Literal "Image Of The Beast" Upon The Unsuspecting People Of The World.  This Is Why There Is No "Peace" In The So-Called "Middle-East" Because Of All These Lies, Half-Truths And Outright Errors Of Omission.  From 1492 Til 1892 Was 400 Years!  From The "Discovery" Of A So-Called "New World" To The Birth Of The "Son Of Man", The Prophecied "Man-Child" Was 400 Years Almost Exactly.  Coincidence?  Hardly Not.  But Thats Not All.  In 1530, The Holy Nation Of Ethiopia Was Attacked By One Named "Ahmed Grann", Ahmed The "Left-Handed" Who Was Like "Ben Ladin" Of His Day And Time.  He Was Backed By The "Turks" Who Hated With A Racist Passion The Black People Known As "Ethiopian-Hebrews" And Lynched Many Of Them In Open Public Because Of Their Race (Seed) And Their Faith (In YHWH And The Messiah).

During The 1530s, This "Grann" Attacked Ethiopian Judeo-Christian Churches And Ethiopian-Hebrews Were Stolen And Sold Into Modern Day "Slavery" Beyond The "Rivers Of Ethiopia" (Zephaniah 3:9-10). But Modern "Slavery" Scholars Only Focus On "West" Africa And The So-Called 1600s Slave Trade.  However, There Was A Far Worse Holocaust Being Perpetrated In The "East" As Well.  Ahmed Grann's Terrorism And Traitorism Seriously Affected Ethiopian Sovereignity And The "Stars In Her Crown" Or, "...Head With A Crown Of Twelve (12) Stars" (Revelations 12:1).  To This Day, Ethiopia Has Never Totally Recovered From The "Lost", The Lost Sheep Of The House Of IsraEL.

Yet, 400 Years Later Another Prophetic "Sign" Was To Be Revealed To Those Who Had Accurate Knowledge Of The True Facts.  In 1930, The Very "Man-Child" Or "Son Of Man" Who Was "Caught Up To God (ELoH.I.M.), And To His Throne" (Revelation 12:5) Was Revealed For All "Eye To See", And Behold!  On November 2nd 1930 AD, On The "Sides Of The North", The "Man-Child" Revealed His Divinity And His Humanity As "One" Being Crowned "The Conquering Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah (Revelations 5:5), King Of Kings (Revelations 19; 1st Timothy), And Elect Of God."  His Imperial Majesty HAILE SELLASSIE The First Is That "Man-Child" That Was "Born There", In Ethiopia And Called "Lij Tafari" (The Child To Be Reverenced; Feared).

Thus Far We Have Two Significant Dates That Account Accurately And Agree With Both "God", His Word And Modern "History" In The Light Of Prophecy.  1492 to 1892 Is 400 Years Just Like 1530 to the Year 1930, The Acceptable Year Of The "Lord" (Adonai) Is Also 400 In Number According To Divine Mathematics. Divine Mathematics And The Holy Scriptures, The True God (YHWH ELoH.I.M.) And His Word, The "Holy Bible" Doesn't Lie, Only Deluded Men And Deceived People Do.

All Scripture Is Given By The Breath, Or The Inspiration Of God (Ha-EL).  Why Must We Learn It In Truth And Exactly What Is It Profitable For? What Four (4) Kinds Of Tools Are Contained In The Faithful Study And Application Of The Sacred Texts?  How Can The Bane ELohim, The "Children Of God" Gain "Perfection"?  Exactly What Does "Perfect" Really Mean? How Can We Truly Do "All Good Works"?  Why Must We Be Instructed In Righteousness, Right Standing With The True God (Ha-EL)?

Wede T'eemotEwos 2 M'Iraf 3 Q16
(Kristos Eeyesus Bemamen....) YeIGZEE'ABHER (YeELohim; YeYHWH) Sew FiS'umina Lebego Shira Hullu Yetezegaje Yihon Zend, YeIGZEE'ABHER (YeELohim; YeYHWH) Menfes Yallebet MeS'Haf Hullu LeTimhritina LetegshaS' Libinim LemaQnat BeS'idqim Lallew Mikir Degmo YiTT'eqimal.

2 Timothy 3. The Holy Bible: King James Version.
...through faith (admittance of the Truth) which is in the Messiah YESHUWA (Christ Jesus). 16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of YAHWE (ELohim; "God") may be perfect, thoroughly furnished to all good works.

The Fourfold Way:
Doctrine = True Teachings
Re-proof = Making Real Again; "Re-Facting"
Correction = Straightening Out; Making Upright
Instruction (In Righteousness) = How To Do; How To's Of Right Standing With The True God (Ha-EL)

The Fruit Of The Above:
Perfection (Completion; "Word" Downloaded & Installed)
(Capacity To Do) All Good Works

Some Say That There Is Nothing And No One "Perfect", That Too Is A Baldface Lie!  People Have Been Deceived As To The True Meaning And Working Application Of "Perfect".  In The Original Languages, Perfect Means To Be Complete, To Accomplish (An Act) And Has The Sense Of "Fully", Lacking Nothing.  Many Others Also Claim To Be Doing "Good Works", However, Without An Accurate Knowledge And Application Of The Word, Their So-Called "Good Works" Is "Sin", Thus The Saying: The Road To Hell Is Paved With 'Good Intentions'!  It Is Better To Be "Righteous" And Gain "Instruction In Righteousness (Right-Alignment With The God's Standards)" Than To Be "Good".  In Order To Do And Accomplish "Good Works", The Scriptures And The Law-Abiding Study Thereof Is A Prerequisite And All Important.

If You Or Someone You Know Finds It Hard To Accept At First And Truly Would Like To Receive The Truth But Need Some "Up-To-Date" Modern Witness Of The Significance Of The "400 Years" And These "Last Days (Of White Supremacy And Anglo-Facisim)", Kindly Read And Study The Brief Except From Death of a Nation and the Sign of 400 Years!