The ELohim Lesson 1.0The ELohim Lesson 1.0
composed by Ras Iadonis Tafari
based up the H.I.M. Holy Bible

The Biblical "ELohim" Is, The "God" (EL; Hayl) Of The Seven Planes, Or Chakras, Seven "Heavens", The Semayat.  The Hebrews Call The "Seven Spirits" That Are Before "The Throne Of God" The "Elohim".  The 7 Spirits Rule The 7 Ethers ("Airs") With Their 'Forces' Or "Powers" Of Life (Hiywet). The Very Thoughts Of "God", The True EL (Ha-EL) Are Clothed In The Substance Of Their 'Planes'.  Yes, There Is A Unified Universe.  It Is Not Just A So-Called "Theory", It Is True "Theology". The "Triune God", Who Became Known As The "Living God", And The "God Of Abraham, Issac And Jacob" Breathed Forth, And Seven (7) Spirits Stood Before His Holy Face.

There Is A Big Difference In The Word "ELohim" And The Name, Invocation Of The Tetragrammaton "YHWH" We Know As "Yahwe".  In A Further Lesson We Will Highlight And Explain This In More Detail.  For Now, We Will Focus On The First One For "God" In The Hebrew Bible, Or Old Testament Called "ELohim."  Literally, ELohim Is A Plural Word For "Gods" Or "Powers" i.e. "Forces."  Modern Humanity Has Lost The Right Overstanding Of These "Powers", Or "Divine Powers" To The Source And The Manifestations In Creation: "In The Beginning...." (Genesis 1:1 In Part)

EL is the "God" Or "Power-Force" Of The "ELohim" That Manifests In The "Powers Of Nature".  Mankind, In Its Ignorance Has Divided This Great And Primordial "Unity" Of The Creative EL Powers And Began To Blindly Worship Each Aspect As A Different "God" After The "Fall" Of Consciousness.  But, As It Was In The Beginning, So Shall It Be In The End.

However, Original Humanity, The "Children Of Men (A-Dam)" Called These Ether Planes Of The ELohim, The Planes Of:
1. Protoplast
2. EArth
3. Plant
4. Beast
5. Man
6. Angel
7. Cherubim
(*The "Eighth" Plane Is Called "The Aryam" And Is Related To The "Great Mother", The One Called By Humanity, The Holy Black Virgin Maryam, Also Represented By And In Her Sacred Womb.)

These Seven (7) Planes Constitutes The "Soul" Of All Living Things.  In Chapter 32 Of The Aquarian Gospel Of Yeshuwa Ha-Moshiyach (Jesus Christ) These Teachings Are Further Expounded And Articulated.

The "Law" Of The Universe (The One Word) Is "Attraction" And Based Upon Receptivity Or It's Opposite "Repulsion".  The Saying Is That "Like Attracts Like", It Is All Based Upon Vibrational Frequencies, Or "Vibes".  These Teachings Of His Imperial Majesty Offered By The Lion Of Judah Society Are Aimed At Preparing And Enabiling "His Army", His "Host", The Soldiers Of The Anointed In Becoming "Combat Ready" Or Rather, "Spiritually Ready For Combat".

One Must First Enlist, The Become Orientated And Then Get Trained In The Word, It's Science, It's Application, It's Practice And It's Perfection.  The Key Word-Phrase Is: "The Word Became Flesh...." (John Chapter One) These Teachings Are Scriptually Speaking "Epi-Gnostic", Or "Full-Knowledge" And Should Not Be Confused With So-Called "Gnostic" Or Pseudo-Gnosis.  The Bible, When Overstood And Interpreted In "Spirit And In Truth" Represents And Teaches This "Epi-Gnosis".  Only A Few Of The Many So-Called "Gnostic Gospels" Are Based Upon "His Spirit And His Truth".  It Is These "Few" That Are Referred To In These Teachings To Provide A Fullness Of The "Christianity" Of 2,000 Ago That Was Based Upon That Woolly Haired, Ethiopian (Black) Skinned Messiah Known To Us As YESHUWA HA-MOSHIYACH (Iyesus Kristos) Revealed To Us In The Image And Likeness Of HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY: QEDAMAWI HAILE SELLASSIE.

The ELohim Lesson 1.0