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LOJ Discipleship

Rastafari Orthodox Church of the Firstborn: Biblical Sabbath Keepers, Weekly Torah DiscipleShip and Ethiopian-Israelite Fellowship of the JAH People, the Children of His Majesty G-D in Christ The King of Kings! Fellowship

Support The Preaching Of The Gospel Of H.I.M.'s Christ!

KRSTOS Invitation…

For the CALLED, CHOSEN and FAITHFUL once “lost-sheep”, NOW FOUND – ETHIOPIAN-HEBREWS (Amos 9:7)! The Conquering “Lion of the Tribe of Judah” (Revelations 5 verse 5), “H.I.M. HAILE SELLASSIE I, the King of kings of ETHIOPIA”, Our FATHER – ABBATACHIN has prevailed and overcome in HIS CHRIST to OPEN and LOOSE THE SEVEN SEALS – Subscribe

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Discipleship RadiO @LOJSociety
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HELP US build this “Church” upon the ROCK of H.I.M.’s Spirit and Truth according to His will and in His word (Mat 16:18). This “church of His Majesty” is the cornerstone of His Majesty’s ISRAEL… known by a “new name”… RAS TEFFERI, the True RAS KRSTIYAN (falsely called Rosicrucian). Our church is the BODY of His Anointed Ones, His Holy Ones… A ‘church’ without walls and made without human hands…. according to His word and in His True Image! (DANIEL 9:7; REVELATIONS 1:14)

We spend lots of hours to develop, maintain and providing support to our community. Any kind of participation will highly be appreciated and be a real inspiration for us to work more.