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  • Understanding, Innerstanding and Overcoming The Evil Tongue #LashonHara #Leprosy
    The Plague of Leprosy laws of the Torah detail practical Hebrew health, hygiene and quarantine protocols in regards to communicable diseases within the community.  Parabolically, the section foreshadows Yeshua the Messiah’s work of healing and cleansing His people from sin and death through the process of a lepers repentance and restoration (symbolically likened to “the […]
  • The #Rastafari Great Fast and Loving Kindness✡️➕ A Meditation for Hudade #ሆዳዴ From A Judeo-Christian Perspective #አብይጾም צום# #ቸርነት חסד#
    Fasting disciplines the carnal mind’s urges of selfishness (i.e. narcissism; the Teaching/Talmud associates the narcissistic mind with idolatry. 2 Thessalonians 4 describes the Antichrist [Against Messiah] as: “He, ‘Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing […]
  • Rastafari Sukkot JAH TABERNACLES Feast; Lulav(b)
    #Rastafari Midrashim presents a clipping courtesy of John J Parsons hebrew4christians ; Re-Publicized at – LOJS Yeshiva for Rastafari Hebrew Torah Studies foreword and edits provided by Ras Iyason Tafari #Sukkot #chagHaAsif #Lulav While studying and contemplating the symbolism that God utilizes in His Word to teach His children, abundant insight could be immediately ascertained […]
  • Have Revolutionaries Become more like Reactionaries?! #Rastafari #Torah Musings
    Have revolutionaries become more like reactionaries?! As a Torah observant Rastafari (observant: [adj] definition  having high regard for JAH’s instruction) the quoted scripture (Leviticus 19:14) often comes to mind per-view of the sea of social media madness before us. This scripture, given to JAH Israel and fellow citizens, is in it’s first sense a prohibition […]
  • ✡️ JAH Rastafari Hebrew Passover Prep | “Removal of Leaven”🌕פֶּסַח #ፋሲካ ✡️
    WHAT IS Leaven? Leaven is an ingredient used in bread-making that creates the holes you see in bread loaves. Leavening agents permeate the dough by releasing gases that cause the entire batch of dough to rise. In Hebrew/Amharic, leaven is called se’or/ersho (שְׂאוֹר; እርሾ) whereas a leavened product is called k(c)hametz/boka (חָמֵץ; ቦካ). In ancient times, se’or was as a lump of […]

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