Rastafari Midrashim Selected Essays Volume IBy Ras Iyason Tafari

Rastafari Apocryphal Literature: published in the 399th year of the 400 year Capitivity Count pertaining to the Black Sheep of the House of Israel. Presented from an Ethiopian Hebrew Perspective; Setting forth Historical Prophecy through Biblical Revelation for those whom are ready to receive the Truth. Synopsis of the Ethiopian-Hebrew Israelite Movement; Good, Bad and Ugly. Traversing the recent history of Black Jews from the Coronation of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I; encompassing the UNIA, Commandment Keepers Congregation of Harlem, Ethiopian World Federation, Melaku E Bayen, African Union, Malcolm X, MLK, Reggae Music, and Ethiopian Orthodox. Composed in the Literary Tradition of Judaic Midrashim to factually present prophetic events for the reader to consider while re-introducing Hebraic and Ethiopic nuances within the Holy Scriptures that many may have been previously unaquainted with. As the Truth once crushed to the ground inevitably rises again; the Ethio-Hebrew Divine Heritage continues to blossom.
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