Shalom Chaberim,
Attached is a the Rss#37 Shelach Lekha WordArt with Pixel Adjustment of Yehoshua Russian Orthodox Icon so that it is a bit less grainy as per Seek and Destroy Cannanite Altars Ord. May JAH be Praised Pleased. Baruch HaShem.
-Thy Wendim Ras Iason
On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 9:04 AM, Selomon Negus <> wrote:
> Shalom Rastafari Co-Labourers, > > FOR IMMEDIATE UPDATE!!! > > Kindly replace the RSS#37 SHELACH Lekha Powerpoint Slide Replacement with > the attachment. If possible take the 2nd slide and shrink to fit and > replace the old version. NOTE: The Icon of Yehoshua aka Joshua (Iyasu) has > been updated with more appropriate Art & Fact. > > Give thanks. May JAH be pleased and praised with ini Co-Lab in Yeshua’s > Glorious Name. Amen > > Light and Peace, > Ras Iadonis @LOJSociety > > PS Additional art images are also attached for further icon updating and > usage. This icon is a later version of a yet to be recovered Old Russian > Orthodox Icon still being searched. The old version image of “Joshua” is a > pale reproduction of the original Black (Judeo-) Christian early church > iconography. LET IT BE KNOWN, the previous RSS#37 Slide currently in > circulation is to be forthwith discontinued in all our presentations, media > arts and fact. Other slides may be from time to time updated to reflect > best practices and procedures. Baruch HaShem. >