Shalom Rastafari Co-Labourers,
Kindly replace the RSS#37 SHELACH Lekha Powerpoint Slide Replacement with the attachment. If possible take the 2nd slide and shrink to fit and replace the old version. NOTE: The Icon of Yehoshua aka Joshua (Iyasu) has been updated with more appropriate Art & Fact.
Give thanks. May JAH be pleased and praised with ini Co-Lab in Yeshua’s Glorious Name. Amen
Light and Peace, Ras Iadonis @LOJSociety
PS Additional art images are also attached for further icon updating and usage. This icon is a later version of a yet to be recovered Old Russian Orthodox Icon still being searched. The old version image of “Joshua” is a pale reproduction of the original Black (Judeo-) Christian early church iconography. LET IT BE KNOWN, the previous RSS#37 Slide currently in circulation is to be forthwith discontinued in all our presentations, media arts and fact. Other slides may be from time to time updated to reflect best practices and procedures. Baruch HaShem.