The Church History of Ethiopia [1696 A.D.] by Michael GeddesMichael Geddes’ The Church History of Ethiopia, 1696 A.D., is a rare book and true historical account, among other things, The Two Great Splendid Roman Missions into That Empire, i.e. Judeo-Christian Ethiopia, being placed in their true Light. There are many narratives and stories of both the Church History of Ethiopia, past and present, true and false that have been circulated and given credence to, for better and for worse. However, this document testifies to, “a Church that was never at any time under the Papal Yoke.” This book chronicles and narrates, from a variety of then existing resources, compiled and presented by the Author, the former and then Antipapal Protestant Church of England, and certain of the Brotherhood, who had a “right understanding betwixt all Antipapal Churches, and thereby attempted to unite them all into one Body” against the Roman Apostasy.

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The Church History of Ethiopia [1696 A.D.] by Michael Geddes