Aryan Origins & Kinship (Vol. 1)"ARYAN ORIGINS AND KINSHIP," by William Hamilton Stewart, contains many blood diamonds, a wealth of precious gems, intellectual gold, silver and diamonds along with a view of certain ancient artifacts that in fact will prove our primary thesis contained elsewhere. Thus, the “Aryan Origins and Kinship” by aforementioned author further verifies the fact, natural indeed, that the original Hebrew, i.e. the biblical Israelites are, and were – as the Roman Historian Tacitus has already witnessed, of the Ethiopicum Prolem, that is to say – “[of] the race of the Ethiopians.” Yet, the author, Mr. Stewart believes himself and other Europeans and Indo-Europeans to be ‘Aryans’ and Hamites. However, that is only ‘half the story’ of the so-called “White race” who may be considered Hamitic and thus “Hamites” in one sense, that is their descent from their patriarch “Canaan.” HAM, THE BLACK RACE WAS NOT CURSED! HAM'S SON - CANAAN IS THE FATHER OF THE WHITE & TRUE SO-CALLED "ARYAN RACE"~! THE HEBREWS & ISRAELITES ARE BLACK!

Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Author: William Hamilton Stewart
Pages: 112
Language: English
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Aryan Origins & Kinship (Vol. 1)