Foods of the Bible

Have you ever wondered what types of foods were eaten by our ancestors or would you like to prepare a biblical meal or feast? Perhaps you’d just like to learn more about the different types of foods mentioned in the Bible. This “grocery list” includes spices, fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, fowl, meats and other foods and drinks of the Bible. Scripture references are provided for each of the Bible foods.

Seasonings, Spices and Herbs

  • አንስሳላል – Anise (Matthew 23:23 KJV)
  • ድምብላል – Coriander (Exodus 16:31; Numbers 11:7)
  • ቀረፋ – Cinnamon (Exodus 30:23; Revelation 18:13)
  • አዝሙድ – Cumin (Isaiah 28:25; Matthew 23:23)
  • Dill (Matthew 23:23)
  • ነጭ ሽንኩርት – Garlic (Numbers 11:5)
  • Mint (Matthew 23:23; Luke 11:42)
  • ሰናፍጭ – Mustard (Matthew 13:31)
  • ጤና አዳም – Rue (Luke 11:42)
  • ጨው – Salt (Ezra 6:9; Job 6:6)

For more about Bible foods including traditional Bible feast recipes, check out A Biblical Feast.

Foods of the Bible | Seasonings, Spices and Herbs

Foods of the Bible | Seasonings, Spices and Herbs