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This Week’s Torah Portion

This Week’s Reading: Ends 3/13/21

This Week’s Reading: Ends 3/13/21

This Week’s Portion #22-23 Vayakhel/Pekudei | ויקהל/פקודי | “And he assembled- He gathered/Accountings of- Countings” ሰብስቦ | seb’s’bo [sebissibo]/እቃ ድምር ይህ ነው | ‘Iqa d’m’r [y’h’new] *For a PDF version of […]


Ethiopian Christmas and the Ethiopian Calendar System

On January 7, 2016, Ethiopian Christians, particularly the followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox “Tewahedo” Church in Ethiopia, the United States, and elsewhere, celebrate Christmas. In […]

Chant a Psalm a Day! Psalms Of David | In Amharic and English

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